A company recently contacted us regarding their website, stating that they were in need of some development services for their Symfony 1 website.  With such an old code base (from 2008) and a lack of any tests / documentation it seemed that this was a tall order.

The client wanted functional changes to their navigation menu, updates their search (prioritising results) and to use the latest google ReCaptcha code on their forms as well as other various changes.

We decided to help the client and and after some time working through the legacy code base, we were able to provide full solutions to all their project needs.  Their website is now updated and has been brought back to life without the expense of a full new build.

If you or your company find yourselves in a similar situation, held back by a legacy code base such as a Symfony 1x web application, why not contact us and see if we can help.

We are a friendly bunch and we will give you an honest opinion about your options and provide what services we can.